My SeaWorld Story

With Shamu trainers Valerie and Mandi


I visited SeaWorld Orlando for the first time in October of 2012. I spent four days there, and they were the best four days of my entire life. While there, I participated in both the Behind the Scenes tour and the Marine Mammal Keeper Experience. I would highly recommend both! At SeaWorld, I was able to do so many things that I know I would never be able to do anywhere else. I will share a few personal highlights from my trip.

  • Behind the Scenes tour – Touching a penguin and a shark was very cool!
  • Marine Mammal Keeper Experience – I won’t give away too many surprises here, but I can say that the best two things I was able to do were interacting with the Beluga Whales and a rescued pilot whale named Hundy/300. It was beyond an amazing experience being able to actually touch and interact with an animal that SeaWorld had rescued. (She has since sadly passed away.) Our trainer Adrianne gave us so many opportunities to do and see many amazing things that day, and those eight hours seemed to be over before they even began. The Marine Mammal Keeper Experience is something that I think everyone should do. It will amaze and inspire you just like it did for me.
  • One Ocean and Dine With Shamu – I simply can’t say enough glowing things about One Ocean and Dine With Shamu. Both were equally amazing and breathtaking to behold. I still remember the chills and goosebumps I felt as I was sitting in Shamu Stadium waiting to see my first One Ocean show live. I think one of the greatest up-close moments that I had was at Shamu Underwater Viewing when Kayla came right up to the glass, and looked me in the eyes. Just to feel that connection with her was an amazing feeling, and something I will never forget.

I know I could go on forever about all of my experiences at SeaWorld, but suffice it to say, my trip to SeaWorld is something I will remember and treasure for a lifetime. It is an amazing place that I think everyone in the world should go to at least once. It is really life-changing to have the opportunity to be so close to so many majestic animals. It really tugs at the heart and soul, and changes you forever when you can make that connection with an animal like that. I loved SeaWorld before I even stepped foot in the park, and I left loving it even more, and wishing that I could stay forever.     

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