SeaWorld’s Artistic Animals


SeaWorld’s animals not only are animal ambassadors who educate and entertain you in shows, they are also quite masterful artists! One of the many ways that SeaWorld trainers provide enrichment to their animals is through play time. Many different objects are used for play time, including mirrors, brightly colored cones or balls, giant hoops and barrels, and even ice blocks. Some of SeaWorld’s animals have even learned how to paint. Using kid-safe and non-toxic paints, and modified paintbrushes, they have created some wonderful masterpieces. Penguins, dolphins, and even killer whales have created unique paintings. Walruses even use their vibrissae (whiskers) to paint.

Image    Image

All of the art created by SeaWorld’s animals are donated to charities to raise money, such as the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

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