A Note on this Blog

Recently I received a communication from a former SeaWorld trainer who appeared in the film Blackfish. This former trainer was extremely critical of this blog, and found it to be “full of blatant outright lies and offensive”. I welcomed this individual to point out examples of this to me, but instead this person chose to report my blog to WordPress.

The complaint was later deemed unfounded by WordPress. I respect this former trainer’s right to their opinion, even if I don’t share it. Admittedly however, I am baffled by their attack on this blog. I have reported nothing but truthful facts on this blog, and my reasons for creating this blog were to help educate my readers about the good works that SeaWorld does, and to help distinguish between true fact and misinformation. I did not create this blog as a response to Blackfish. I created this blog to show my appreciation and respect for what SeaWorld does. I make no apologies if my support of SeaWorld upsets this former trainer. I would have hoped this individual would possess the maturity to respect my opinions, and not resort to attacking them, but clearly this was not the case. 

Clearly there are those who will resort to any means and effort to bring SeaWorld down. The attack upon this blog will not cease its existence or quiet it. Instead it will strengthen it, and only further encourage my continued support for SeaWorld and what they do. I refuse to be silent about the good works that SeaWorld does, and I will continue to bring my readers news and updates about the parks. Although I respect the right of any person to have and express an opinion, I will not allow such opinions to bring this blog down. If former trainers can appear in a film and express their opinions, I believe I am certainly entitled to express mine in this blog, and that is what I will continue to do.


Any further attacks on this blog will go unanswered and completely ignored.    

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