SeaWorld Returns First Manatee of 2014, Caring for Two Others

SeaWorld Orlando recently returned an adult female manatee to her natural waters after caring for her for a year at their rescue facility. “Piggy” was rescued in February of 2013 due to cold stress, a common problem for manatees. She has been receiving antibiotics, fluids, and other supportive care at SeaWorld Orlando, and was cleared for release by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Below you can see a video of her release.

SeaWorld Orlando is also caring for two other manatees. An adult female manatee was rescued from Blue Spring State Park after showing symptoms that she was emaciated, lethargic, and behaving abnormally. SeaWorld has cared for this particular manatee before. SeaWorld’s vet staff will give the manatee, named Georgia, a complete health exam, antibiotic treatment and fluids, and will monitor her carefully to determine what further medical intervention she may require.


An orphaned female manatee calf was also rescued near St. Petersburg, FL recently, and she is also being given a full health assessment and supportive care at SeaWorld Orlando.

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