The Positive Impact SeaWorld Makes…

Read a recent quote from SeaWorld Educator Sandi (shared with permission)…

Today a lady walked up to the exhibit and looked the killer whales, I’m assuming for the first time in her life. She began to cry and for quite a while couldn’t hold back the tears. I asked if this was her first time seeing whales and her son translated that it was and she was so happy and emotional. They watched a presentation and she smiled and wiped away the tears for over 10 minutes. Today we made an impact deeper than any words could have done!!


 Millions of guests of all ages visit SeaWorld parks each year, and come away having experienced something truly unique and meaningful. We ourselves visited SeaWorld Orlando, and the experience touched us to the deepest parts of our being. That is why we created this blog, to share that experience with others, and to encourage people to see SeaWorld for all the good they do, and for all the life-changing experiences they give their guests. 

Do you have a special SeaWorld experience you’d like to share with us here on our blog? Has a SeaWorld employee or animal touched your life? Share it with us by sending us a message to Your story may be featured right here on our blog! 

One thought on “The Positive Impact SeaWorld Makes…

  1. I am a Florida native and had my first sea world experience at the age of 2. I absolutely loved it and returned many times throughout my childhood. I can’t wait to experience it through my grandchildren’s eyes and pray they have as positive experience as well! It gave me a deeper respect of my roll in the world.

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