Remembering Dawn Brancheau

On this day four years ago, the SeaWorld family lost a beloved and talented trainer, and the Brancheau and LoVerde families lost a cherished daughter, wife, sister, aunt, and friend. We didn’t know Dawn, or ever have the opportunity to meet her in person. We only knew her from pictures and video, but she has left an indelible impression upon our hearts and souls. She still inspires us daily, and in fact we made this blog as a sort of tribute to her and to her legacy because we want people to know the real SeaWorld, and not the one often portrayed inaccurately in the media.

SeaWorld is a place that Dawn clearly loved. We can think of no better way to honor her memory and her legacy than to continue to support the place she worked for 16 years of her life. We have met many SeaWorld trainers, and the one thing that is abundantly clear to us is that one hundred and ten percent of their minds, bodies and souls are devoted to their jobs, and they are proud of what they do. They continue to honor Dawn’s incredible memory by carrying on their good works in her name, and we know that Dawn continues to smile down upon them from her heavenly home.

We have personally been touched by the kindness of many of the people who knew and worked with Dawn, and we see the light of her legacy shine through them every day. We are proud and honored to support the men and women employed by SeaWorld, and vow our continuing support for all that they do. We believe that Dawn Brancheau would be very proud to see how they have continued their good works in her name, and we too are proud of each and every SeaWorld employee and what they do.

We extend our heartfelt thoughts to Dawn’s family, friends, and SeaWorld colleagues. We wish to assure them that we will always strive to honor and carry on Dawn’s wonderful and beautiful legacy by supporting the work that SeaWorld does. We know that Dawn was fiercely passionate about the work she devoted 16 years of her life to at SeaWorld. We remember her and celebrate her life, and thank our Creator that she touched ours during her 40 years of life.

We will continue to bring our readers the best of SeaWorld.

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