Manatee Appreciation Day & An Update!


Today is Manatee Appreciation Day, and SeaWorld has a very special update on four manatees they have rescued over the past year. Meet Laverne, Squiggy, Carmine and Leonard – four manatee calves that were rescued over the last year by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). All four manatees are now thriving and continue to receive routine bottle feedings from the Animal Care Team. These calves were all rescued after being found abandoned in Florida waterways.They were then brought to SeaWorld’s animal rescue and rehab facility to receive round-the-clock care from animal experts. 

Assisting these abandoned calves is crucial to their survival as they depend on their mothers’ milk for the first several months of their life. To help abandoned manatee calves, like these four, the SeaWorld Animal Care Team developed a special formula that provides them with the nutrients they need. Because of this formula, each manatee calf is now flourishing and transitioning to solid food – romaine lettuce. Since their arrival at SeaWorld Orlando, these calves have gained between 50-70 pounds. Through the efforts of SeaWorld’s dedicated Animal Care Team, these manatees will grow into healthy young adults and will be able to return back to their natural environment.

SeaWorld Orlando has been working to help manatees for more than forty years. Since 1976, the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team has rescued 498 manatees and returned 261. If you see an injured manatee, or marine mammal, do not touch it. Contact the FWC at 1(888) 404-3922, or by dialing *FWC, and alert them to the animal’s location.

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