SeaWorld Sets New Record For Number of Animals Rescued

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In just the first three months of 2015, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued 475 marine mammals in need (458 California sea lions, 11 harbor seals, five elephant seals and one fur seal). It has been all hands on deck in the SeaWorld park family as additional help has been called in from the SeaWorld parks in Texas and Florida, as well as from Discovery Cove. SeaWorld San Diego has also temporarily halted its sea lion show and Beluga Interaction Program so that more workers can tend to the influx of rescued animals. SeaWorld has constructed a special holding area and additional pools to house the animals during their recovery and treatment.

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Once deemed releasable, the marine animals will be returned to their natural habitats. It isn’t known why the region is seeing so many strandings, but it is known that these sea lion pups are unable to find sufficient food sources. The majority of them have come in emaciated and underweight. They are receiving round the clock care from SeaWorld animal care staff.

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If you see an animal that appears to be ill, injured or abandoned, please refrain from touching the animal, but rather alert local authorities or call the Rescue Hotline at (800) 541-SEAL.

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