Our Statement on John Hargrove

We have been asked to share our thoughts on the recent video of ex-SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove using racial epithets on a video recording. Out of respect for SeaWorld, this will be the only post we make on the subject. We have seen the video in question, and it offends us. We condemn the language John uses in this video and we feel it has no place in a public or private forum. It saddens us that John chose to use those hateful words, and we do not in any way support his views or his sentiments. We are saddened that John made a conscious choice to behave in that manner, and we hope that he will see fit to do some thoughtful contemplation and soul-searching regarding his choice of words towards African-Americans. We don’t dislike John Hargrove the person, but we do dislike his hurtful words towards the African-American community. We hope that he will try to make better choices in what he says in the future. We also hope that SeaWorld fans will not express hatred towards him because of this. We offer John our best and want him to know that we are praying for him.

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