Rescued Manatee and Pygmy Killer Whale Being Cared for at SeaWorld

This has been a busy week for the SeaWorld Orlando animal rescue teams.


Image courtesy of SeaWorld

Recently they rescued a two-week old orphaned manatee who has been receiving round-the-clock care at SeaWorld.


Image courtesy of SeaWorld

The 50 pound calf, who still had its umbilical cord attached is receiving daily check-ups and is being fed every three hours.


SeaWorld has also been caring for a rare pygmy killer whale. The young female was found


Image courtesy of SeaWorld

stranded, and is in critical condition. She is also receiving round-the-clock care. Pygmy Killer Whales are actually not directly related to Killer Whales, although they do share some characteristics.

They are in the dolphin family. She will continue to receive medicines and antibiotics, as well as continuous monitoring.



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