An Open Letter to Our Followers

Dear Fans & Friends of SeaWorld and SeaWorld Employees,

We wish to express our sincere regret and heartbreak upon hearing the news that SeaWorld has laid off over 300 of its dedicated employees. We understand that in the world of business, things like this unfortunately happen sometimes. However, that doesn’t make it any less painful or difficult for those whose economic well-being and stability depended upon those jobs, especially during this time of year. Our thoughts and prayers are with every person who has been affected by this sad and unfortunate circumstance.

We also want to take this opportunity to say that our blog has always supported the dedicated men and women who train and care for SeaWorld’s animals. Part of why this blog and website was established was in effort to not only call to the public’s attention the important role these people play in animal care and conservation, but to thank them for being the true champions of animal welfare. The SeaWorld trainers and animal caregivers we encounter on a daily basis literally give every ounce of their being to ensure that the animals under their supervision are receiving world-class care. They perform their jobs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in blistering heat, frigid cold, rain or shine, and everything in between. We can honestly say that these people have not only earned our respect and our gratitude, they deserve it.

Although we understand that the corporate leadership of SeaWorld must at times make difficult decisions, we cannot in good conscience agree with or support the majority of recent decisions they have chosen to make. We will always support the core purpose of SeaWorld. We support their rescue and rehabilitation programs. We support their mission of conservation and education. What we cannot support is a corporate leadership and a CEO who we feel is not doing all he could be doing to stand up for and defend his company and his employees. We cannot support the decisions of a CEO who seeks to align himself with HSUS, an organization that has openly criticized SeaWorld. We cannot support the decisions of a CEO who has seemingly embraced the ideals of anti-aquarium, anti-captivity activists whose only goal is the complete extinction of SeaWorld’s animal population while he apparently disregards the advice of established animal care professionals from within his own company and the zoological community.

This blog and this website will continue to support the rescue, rehabilitation, conservation, and educational aspects of SeaWorld. We will continue to be a voice for all the good that SeaWorld does. We will always be a voice and advocate for the men and women who care for and train SeaWorld’s animals. What we cannot in good conscience continue to do is support the corporate leadership level of SeaWorld so long as it continues down what is certain to be an irreparable self-destructive path in their effort to appease radical animal rights extremists at the cost of animal and employee welfare. We respectfully call upon Mr. Manby to open a constructive line of dialogue with the SeaWorld fanbase, and to hear our concerns and grievances. We ask him to give ear to our voices and the voices of his employees rather than to animal rights extremists with a clear anti-SeaWorld agenda. We know that in the world of business, some concessions must be made, but we don’t believe that animal or human welfare should be compromised to do so.

As we stated, we will continue to support SeaWorld as we always have. We just ask for a platform to allow our voices in the SeaWorld fan community to be heard.


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