We would like to share our personal thoughts and views on the film Blackfish. We have seen Blackfish, and while we agree that it is a very emotional and thought-provoking film, we also think that this film is not an accurate portrayal of SeaWorld. Here we explain why:

Many of the former trainers featured in Blackfish have not been employed by SeaWorld in 15-20 years or more. Many, many things have changed at SeaWorld since that time. In fact, SeaWorld is constantly changing and updating their training procedures and practices. As they learn new things, their training policies are continuously evolving. So, things that might have occurred five, ten, or fifteen years ago, would obviously be very different today. The majority of the former trainers featured in Blackfish also had very limited to no experience at all working directly with Tilikum, and so we don’t feel that they are the most qualified to make observations about him or his behaviors.

Our overall impression of Blackfish is that it came across as more of an opinion piece than a factual one. We certainly don’t fault any of these former trainers for having or expressing their opinions. In our opinion, many of these former trainers simply didn’t have enough training or experience to be able to effectively critique SeaWorld in this film. Many of the video sequences in the film are not what they appear to be, or are embellished for dramatic effect. For a detailed point-by-point rebuttal of Blackfish, we invite you to view this document put forth by SeaWorld.

Blackfish Inaccurate Information Report

We think Blackfish was a film designed to make the viewer feel more than think. It certainly does pull at your heartstrings to see some of the footage in the film, but to every story, there is a story. We don’t think Blackfish told SeaWorld’s real or true story. For those who have seen Blackfish, and may be hesitant now about visiting SeaWorld because of the film, we ask that you delve deeper and do your own independent research. Listen to both sides. You’ll be glad you did.

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